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Wiener Riesenrad

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The Criterion Collection
In Carol Reed's THE THIRD MAN, the Wiener Riesenrad (German for "Viennese giant wheel"), shot in beautiful black and white, facilitates a pivotal meeting between Joseph Cotton and Orson Welles.
27 June 2013
You can enjoy a candlelit dinner with a spectacular view of Vienna as you go round!
Daniel Bachmann
16 March 2013
Treat life like a ferris wheel must get past the fear to enjoy the view... I see nothing in space as promising as the view from a Ferris wheel ✔⭐ (quotes mix)
26 March 2013
At 64.75 metres high, you can catch a great view of Vienna from the top of this Ferris Wheel!
22 March 2012
You may want to visit this landmark of Vienna in the footsteps of the immortal movie “The Third Man” or simply enjoy the view of the city from almost 200 feet up.
7 April 2010
Go on the ferris wheel!
9 June 2013
Bond and Milovy take a ride on the Grand Ferris Wheel in The Living Daylights (1987). Director John Glenn also worked with the wheel in The Third Man (1949) in which he was Assistant Sound Editor.
Sarah Birtwisle
7 June 2012
Sheds on a wheel, bit disappointing if the truth be told.
Brunold Loidl
17 June 2014
Free entrance with niederoesterreich card
The Gap
15 June 2013
Once a year the Prater Unser festival brings techno onto the wheels of steel. Watch out for this:
Metacowboy Vienna
26 March 2011
Checkin At New Year with Friends or most loved. Best view Offen Vienna Fireworks On Thien center Offen the city
Michael Harvie
25 September 2010
Not as interesting during the evening as we thought it would be.
WIENER - Das österreichische Männermagazin
Candlelight Dinner im eigenen Riesenrad-Waggon. Perfekter Date-Tipp ;)) (Mehr: siehe Link)
FOCUS Online
30 November 2012
Schon aus der Froschperspektive, vor dem Einsteigen, beeindruckt es: das Wiener Riesenrad. Das riesige Eisenkonstrukt, damals eines der höchsten der Welt, hat bereits 110 Jahre auf dem Buckel.
iwa sobara
4 September 2010
not bad! meskipun gak lebih baik dari DUFAN.
Tuğçe Can Gürhan
28 December 2015
Çok keyifli gezgez bitmiyo ciddi büyük bi lunapark 👍🏻
Tuğçe Can Gürhan
28 December 2015
Buraya bi çocuğun girdiğini düşünemiyorum öıkaramazsınız benden demesi 😂
Tuğçe Can Gürhan
28 December 2015
Kış olduğundan ve gündüz geldiğimizden açık olmayan bu mini kasaba kılıklı eğlence dünyası gezgez bitmiyo ayrıca oyuncaklara biniş biletleri ciddi pahallı 🤔
Eva Degrassi
25 December 2013
Il simbolo per eccellenza della città. Un giro costa €9 per adulti e €4 per bambini fino a 15 anni. I cani sono ammessi solo con museruola.
Maxim Rusakov
4 September 2013
С правой стороны вагона видно центр, слева красивые дома и гора. Можно заказать застолье на колесе.
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