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Giza Zoo

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Giza Zoo အတွက်ခရီးသွားဧည့်ဆွဲဆောင်မှုတစ်ခုဖြစ်သည် Giza, Egypt

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Moatasem soliman
18 October 2013
Don't try to go again at Eid
Emily O.
27 April 2011
Depressing. Animals look miserable.
Burhan Tahsin
21 December 2013
Fun but you must bring lots of coins
Ahmed G. Eissa
7 August 2013
15 years ago with Mr. Elephant.
Ali Farouq
31 October 2012
Dirty ......
4 September 2017
Very dirty, and animals look miserable.
Jarool Eho
8 July 2016
I advise you don't go on the public holiday
Mohammad Abusharif
3 November 2015
Must visit in Cairo, great Animals variety, must visit the Hippo, Giraffes and Lions
Don Deedo
2 October 2014
I love this place so much very open and lovely
Ashraf Mahana
18 March 2013
I Am At Work beside Giza Zoo
Mina Kamel
8 February 2013
Ana ro7t hnak the zoo kolha zbala
Ahmed Ellaithy
22 September 2012
Lions & co. are taken away at 4pm. Make sure you get here earlier
31 October 2011
go to home
Khaled Atef
5 July 2011
Avoid public holydays, croudy
Bassem Helal
2 March 2018
Animals there are treated bad. People there don't respect the animals or the nature, swoon lakes are full of trash and it is better called "prison of innocent creatures". Bad bad bad.
Mona Zaher
29 April 2016
كان يوم جميل رغم تعبه ، اهم حاجه اللي عايز يروح الحديقه ميروحوش في ويك اند او اجازه رسميه علشان تكون فاضيه وتستمتع بالمكان والحيوانات .
Tamer Maazzawi
16 January 2015
شكلها متغير
Rana Ashraf
20 February 2014
Zabtoha aweee w ndft .. w etbst feha gdnnnn :) :)
Ahmed Hosni
5 May 2013
حزين ع ما ألت اليه !! :((
Emad Mahmoud
19 December 2012
Di zoo di??!!! El-7ayawanaat matet w 3affenittt...!!! #balad wes5a..
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Wed 9:00 AM–6:00 PM
Thu 10:00 AM–6:00 PM

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